About ECC

ECC prepares you perfectly for study abroad in an English language country, like Australia, Canada, United States, Ireland, or England. ECC is able to facilitate the process in every way, from helping choose the right place and program and completing the high school and university applications, to getting the appropriate visa and making sure you have a place to stay when you get to your new home. If the students don’t wish to take advantage of that opportunity to study abroad, they will be ready to take the Gao Kao’s English written and spoken test with much success.
ECC has multiple partners and collaborators in Canada, Australia, and America who work with us in making sure our students get the best resources and education in the world. Our partners offer summer camps abroad which give our students a great opportunity to learn and improve their English in an all-English environment and allow them to decide if going abroad is the right decision for them. Our faculty members are experts in academic and career counselling and will able to set you in the right direction with your studies overseas.
Due to our passion for language and unique global connections, we have the ability to help students become successful like no other school. Under our care, students will be at the top of their class in terms of English language ability. Once the students have attained an appropriate level of English, they will have the opportunity to go abroad to study as early as age 12. This means the student will have a better chance to go to a top world university while being exempt from tests like the TEFL, IELTS, or Gao Kao.
ECC applies active-learning methods in order to teach English in the most efficient way. Our teachers focus on understanding the language and improving fluency through writing and speaking creatively as opposed to repetition. English Culture Centre is the only school in Hebei that uses a curriculum devised from Canadian government English as a Second Language Curriculum and the Common European Framework for Reference for Languages (CEFR). Our system targets oral language development and improving grammar with the help of individuals who are fluent in the language themselves. At ECC, students will learn English as a language and as a tool, not just as a subject and a test.