About Our Staff

Our team is filled with passionate administrators and teachers that help students achieve their goals.

Shiyi (Sebastian) Fu, Director

Bachelor of Arts (International Development, Economics), McGill University 2011
Master of Arts (International Economics and Finance), Ryerson University 2016

Sebastian has an Economics and Finance background and worked in the Canadian insurance and banking industry for 5 years before starting ECC with his partner. He has also taught at the university and late high school level for 6 years. He focuses on grammar and advanced English courses. Sebastian was born in Beijing, but had the pleasure to live around the world from the age of 5 in places like North America, South America, and Asia. He believes learning new languages has been the key to his success.

Sonia Duda, Director

Bachelor of Arts (Honours Sociology, Management), McGill University 2012
Master of Information (IS&D, KMIM), University of Toronto 2016
Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures (CILPP), University of British Columbia (UBC) 2018

Sonia was born and raised in London, Canada. As a child, she had the pleasure to spend her summers in Europe, which allowed her to learn many languages, like Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish. She loves learning new languages, so learning Mandarin is a pleasure. Sonia has a professional background in marketing and information systems. She has experience developing curriculums and processes for training schools in North America and Asia. Before coming to China, she spent time optimising training school growth in India and helping develop their English and computer literacy programs. She was also instrumental in working with large international donors from the United States, Italy, and Brazil in securing donations for the schools. Sonia has 5 years of experience teaching in a training school and loves teaching especially to young children. She is currently developing a phonics curriculum specifically for Chinese students learning North American English spelling and pronunciation.

Janet Yu, Head Administrator

Janet is an inspiring head administrator with experience in managing administrative staff in Beijing. She has recently joined the ECC team.

Spring Gu, Finance Administrator

Spring is an essential member of the team and has helped standardize our processes and improve the document flow within and between centres, with a particular focus on finances and government relations.

Oscar Karpiak, Head Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (History), York University 2014

Oscar has been with ECC nearly since the beginning. He has been instrumental in shaping the culture and fast growth of the centres. Oscar is a full-time teacher and will be helping guide the incoming foreign teachers and shape the online education components.

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