Study Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad can find their place in the world with the help of our knowledgable team.

Semester Classes

ECC offers semester classes for students from kindergarten to high school.

VIP Classes

Students who want more targeted English knowledge can join our internally designed grammar and phonics classes.

Test Preparation

We hold classes that prepare you specifically for the vocabulary and grammar necessary to pass the A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, IELTS, TOEFL, and CET4.

Business English

Companies with a big international client base or business leaders working with international executives benefit from a personalised English Improvement Plan.

Summer Camp in Canada

Students can come to Canada for 3 weeks during the summer to attend a language centre and improve their English while exploring the major landmarks.

Summer Camp in Australia

Students live an Australian life for 2 weeks while attending one of the best private schools in Western Australia and visiting the beautiful sights in the area.

Summer Golf Camp in China

Students from around the world can come to Beijing and stay at an exclusive golfing community. Here, they learn to golf and make friends from China, while learning a second language.

Activities and Events

Partners around China can work with our directors to participate in English-related events, such as conferences and competiitons.

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